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CPA license requirements you must meet to become a CPA

CPA license requirements consists of a handful of activities that must be completed to become a professional practice.

Many people think that simply passing the CPA exam can obtain a CPA license. False. Although the qualification and preparation for and then passing the CPA exam are probably the most difficult parts of the process, passing the exam is the first step in getting the actual CPA license.

There are three requirements for CPA license that will be discussed in this article, the same examination, professional job requirements, as well as the lingering ethics exam.

Passing the exam Prometric CPA

Needless to say, you need to pass the CPA exam if you want to become a CPA. Eligibility to take the CPA examination, preparation for the actual exam, taking and then pass it is perhaps the most challenging but rewarding part of the process of becoming a CPA. I say rewarding because most everything else will feel like cakewalk after examination.

Once you pass the exam, I am already a CPA in their minds and maybe rightfully so? After all, you’re the best CPA may be the day immediately before the day immediately after the exam. Trust me. Is probably not the CPA exam should you take today without much preparation.

The exam used to be offered in regular increments stationary back when it was a pencil and paper exam. However, with the new Prometric CPA exam in which the exam is now offered up six days each week from January, February, April, may, July, August, October and November. Don’t ask because they are scattered like this.

Every two months is referred to as “window” in which to schedule appointments during the testing window to take a particular part of the examination. You can start the test planning, as soon as you receive your “notice” (NTS), which shall be issued by the Board of accountancy of State determine which can CPA exam.

Pass the exam is just one of the requirements of CPA license. Let’s look at a few other under.

Labour job requirements

One of the CPA license requirements is to accumulate a number of profession concerning working hours. After passing the exam, you must submit a form to your State Board of accountancy indicating you have completed at least 2,000 relevant work under the supervision of another active CPA. CPA supervision must sign the form and provide their CPA number on it.

Work experience should not come after you passed the exam. Many professionals have the necessary work experience before you take and pass the exam. I know I did. However, you must fill out and submit the form or will not be granted a licence to CPA.

The CPA ethics exam

I won’t go into because we have CPA ethics examination in place to begin with. Just take any accounting or journal publication and you will see the role that ethics plays in our profession. The examination of ethics is another one of CPA license requirements and one that is not nearly as a challenge to prepare for and pass the CPA exam, but equally important. I think all States today require that you pass the CPA ethics exam before it is granted the CPA license.

You can take the exam on ethics at any time after passing the CPA exam. Unlike the Prometric CPA exam, you don’t have to go to a testing center to take the exam on ethics. This is one that you can order online and take up to one year from the time you ordered.

When you order the examination on ethics, are also provided with a CPA course to help you prepare. Need a 90% to pass the examination (about 40 questions total). Although this is more of the 75% required to pass the CPA exam steep, examination of ethics is much easier to navigate.

Concluding thoughts on CPA license requirements

To clarify, simply passing the CPA exam doesn’t give you the title of CPA. Neither signs professionally on relevant documents as an opinion or someone’s personal tax returns. Pass the exam is the first step to meet the requirements of CPA license.

Understanding these CPA requirements is important and now you’ve got hopefully them, go out and run them and earn the title of CPA.

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