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Mergers and acquisitions in corporate finance

Although the terms are often used interchangeably and are very similar in nature, “acquisition” and “mergers” are slightly different. The phrase “mergers and acquisitions” is actually an official abbreviation is linked to it, M & a. You will often hear both terms as consolidations. The main goal for both is to expand and grow the business.

Fusion is when two companies, often of relatively the same size, integrate and together they decide to move forward as a single new company rather than remain owned and operated separately. Mergers do not occur nearly as often as acquisitions.

An acquisition (also known as acquisition or buyout) is buying a company and taking control of it. An acquisition may be friendly or hostile, as well as public or private.

We have often heard the term mergers and acquisitions when it comes to corporate finance sector. This activity relates to corporate finance sector companies to buy, sell or combination of multiple companies. This is done typically to finance a financial company and assist in rapid growth, avoiding the need to create a new corporate entity. Banks are known for engaging in this activity, and there is a long history over time. It is not uncommon to hear the names of frequently changing due to bank mergers or acquisitions. It happens often enough that it is sometimes hard to keep up with.

Banks are usually acquired from other financial institutions, but may be purchased by individuals or groups with the aim of controlling and avoiding having to start another. There are many examples of large mergers and acquisitions that have taken place in the United Kingdom in the past. An example is in 2004 when Abbey National, the sixth largest bank in the United Kingdom, agreed to a takeover bid by $15,5 billion from the largest bank Banco Santander, Spain.

Like everything else, there are pros and cons to mergers and acquisitions worldwide corporate finance. A great trader is the possible creation of a large profit. For a bank in financial crisis, merging with another may be the only way to save it. A major con is a possible negative reaction of the public to it if it’s a hostile takeover, and resistance is received by the destination Bank. There is also the added responsibility of further commitments and problems.

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