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Did you make a resolution to stay organized financially in 2012?

New year’s resolutions: everyone makes them, some people break them, and most are satisfied with the results at the end of the year. Maybe Americans have so much trouble keeping their resolutions because the lack of motivation, or maybe have time and energy. But more often, the Americans cannot keep their resolutions because they just don’t have the right tools.

Americans can keep their resolutions to stay organized financially in 2012 just going paperless. Having the instructions via email rather than through the post office and is virtually automatic organizing bills since there is no paper mess to deal with. Fortunately, there are a plethora of tools out there to help consumers remain financially organized online, making it easier than ever for consumers to be better with their money-without the paper. Taking advantage of some or all of these ideas will help you get organized and get rid of all your map:

Say no to paper. Most of the account provider, as companies, credit card companies and banks, providing consumers with the ability to go paperless. This just means that customers would not have received the Bills, statements and other documents through the mail, and instead receive them electronically by e-mail. All important account information is still available, generally on the web site of the service provider, but is online and easy to see instead of on paper, where you have to manually sort through the sheet after sheet of documents.

Use the software without paper. There are new paperless tools popping up online every day, so it’s important that consumers found the tool that works for them. Money management tools online give consumers a complete overview of their finances from one place. You can also download software, so you can start keeping track of where you’re spending your money immediately. Users will be created a profile that divides life into categories such as fiscal Finance overview, assets and credits, insurance and income and spending. Once all the information, users can get their full financial framework in one place on their computers.

Scan important documents. One way to eliminate paper storage in managing your finances is scanning invoices and statements and organize them on your computer desktop. By designating just digital folders for different accounts, such as utility or credit cards, consumers can arrange their finances in one place on their computers. Not only does this does not eliminate the risk of fire, which year after year files can involve, but prevents them from accidentally losing bills or statements, which you may need later.

Americans can make 2012 a year to keep their new year’s resolutions, especially if the resolution is to stay organized financially. With paperless solutions like these, it’s too easy not to be financially fit.

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