Kamis, 04 April 2013

The Fed's next Round of Quantitative Easing

The great recession is technically more according to some economists. I do not believe them? Everything is still a financial disaster? Well, apparently the Federal Reserve agrees with you. The Fed seems to be leaning towards a second round of quantitative easing. Oh, my.

Consider how recessions usually work. They hit the economy when most people are unaware of their perspective. They last for a year or two. As a fight with your lover, once they’re over things get hot and heavy real fast. The stock market generally booming and the economy is growing at a robust pace and creates lots and lots of jobs.

As you probably noticed, the recovery from the great recession didn’t work that way. This is because we have really had a shot. Instead, we have simply flattened. While this is better then continuing to circle the proverbial economic outlet, it is not returning things to normal.

The question is what’s next move? Recovery will pick up pace and get the economy humming again, or will have a double dip that will do incalculable damage. Every Tom, Dick and Harry has a say, myself included. Ignore them. Instead of following the money and, in this case, this means that the Federal Reserve Bank.

The Fed clearly thinks that we are in trouble. Is making noises about a second round of quantitative easing. This is a euphemism for creating money out of nothing. The idea is to buy the debt and economic support to give him time to recover. Yes, that’s the ticket! The fact that just didn’t work the first time around apparently isn’t a big problem for the powers that be.

What does this new round of quantitative easing mean to you? Should mean fear. Consider this; the Fed is already the second largest buyer of debt instruments of our Government. [Yes, a Government Bank almost is buying debt!] Now printing what eventually will be trillions of dollars out of thin air. This means two things-the devaluation of the dollar and a massive wave of inflation at some point. Many say these are the same things, but never mind.

The General State of the economy in the United States is frankly, quite frightening. Without government intervention, it’s scary to think how much worse it would have been for the past two years. Now that the Government seems to have run out of cards you can play in this game, you might just find out how bad it really is going to get.

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